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Contact us on 07792 644402 or read on for more information about our school.

The School of T'ai Chi Chuan – St Albans

The School of T'ai Chi Chuan is a school of 8 teachers teaching Tai Chi in St Albans.  We are part of the T'ai Chi Foundation, an international T'ai Chi school, with over 200 teachers in 30 cities. Our T'ai Chi school follows the teaching philosophy of our international school: preserving the lineage and tradition of this ancient art while presenting it in a modern, easy-to-learn method.

How we teach

The distinguishing feature of the way we teach Tai Chi classes in St Albans is via our team teaching method. This distinctive system makes our classes very easy to follow. Our method of team teaching provides our students with a setting where the emphasis is on the clarity of the work. When two or more of our instructors work together in a single class, the students always have one instructor's movements to follow while another instructor helps guide the class and follow up on specific needs of the group.

Comprehensive curriculum

We offer a systematic and comprehensive curriculum of tai chi classes for beginning and advanced students. Tai chi classes are taught by teams of two or more specially trained instructors. We transmit the tai chi form with clarity, precision and respect for tradition, using a method that makes learning both easy and fun. With a programme of weekday evening and weekend day classes, our tai chi classes are tailored to provide a moment of calm in the midst of busy life.

The 37-posture tai chi Beginning Form is taught over 3 terms, divided into three separate sections: B1, B2 and B3. Each section is taught as a distinct course over a term. We also teach practice sessions on Saturday mornings in Clarence Park. These are optional but a great way to embody the moves and to have a drink afterwards and chat with fellow students and teachers. The moves of the tai chi form are thoroughly explained and practiced in tai chi classes which normally meet for one hour, once a week. Daily tai chi practice is recommended.

We also offer more advanced tai chi classes for continuing study. Each tai chi course focuses on a different aspect of the art. Emphasis is on the principles of relaxed movement, which are essential to progress. The curriculum includes advanced tai chi form classes, push hands, Tai Chi sword and optional apprenticeships.

Yang Style - Cheng Man-Ch"ing

We teach Yang-Style Tai Chi as developed by Grand Master Cheng Man-Ch'ing (some call this Cheng Man-Ch'ing style).

Our school was founded in 1976 in New York, USA, by one of his senior students, Patrick Watson. Teachers with our school are now spread out across the United States, and in Europe.

To get an impression of our school's Tai Chi holiday and classes go to You Tube:

Information on our central body, the not-for-profit T'ai Chi Foundation, can be found at:



Joop Brouwer, Lucy Brouwer, Neil Simmonds,  Kevin Lannon and Anne Marie Gent who are listed below. Also teaching in St Albans are Gail Lazarus, Griff Steer, Roger Noon and Mike Barkham. To speak to us call 07792 644402

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Anne Marie Gent and Kevin Lannon

Anne Marie teaches in Welwyn Garden City and often joins Neil in teaching advanced levels in St Albans. She is a councellor by profession. Kevin teaches with Anne Marie in Welwyn Garden City and often leads practice sessions in Clarence Park in St Albans.

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Griff Steer and Roger Noon

Griff and Roger are both experienced teachers and Roger has served on the board of directors of the Tai Chi Foundation.


Neil Simmonds

Neil teaches in St Albans and is the senior teacher there on Thursday evenings. He also runs a School of T'ai Chi Chuan branch in Farnham.


Mike Barkham and Gail Lazarus

Mike and Gail teach the beginning levels and are the keyholders to the facility. Gail is in charge of the enrolments.


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